What is the Declaration of Biological Truth?

This declaration is in support of biological reality.

Signing is free, easy and you can sign privately so your name won’t show. Just click HERE.

Say NO to puberty blockers or cross sex hormones for those under 18

Say NO to enforced pronoun use at schools, events & the workplace

Say NO to men playing sport against women or using women’s

Say NO to
Self ID

Say YES to Freedom of Speech

This Declaration is not aligned with any political or religious organisation. All individuals or organisations are welcome to sign.

This is not about left or right politics, but about biological reality. There are only two sexes, female & male. It’s impossible to change sex.

In Australia, there is an attack on biological reality in favour of transgender ideology and self-ID. This Declaration gives the chance for Australians to express their concern, either publicly or privately, about the impact of this on our society.

It contains the signatures of Australians from many backgrounds, political viewpoints, religions, professions & trades.
There are parents, grandparents, doctors, teachers, politicians, mental health workers, business people and hundreds of concerned citizens.


Sign as a private signatory where your name won’t be public. Hidden and secure.

Great for those whose job prohibits public discussion of gender issues or those worried about repercussions.

Only the tally (total) of private signatories is public


Sign as a public signatory where your name will be shown on the declaration.

This makes your voice loudest & is ideal for politicians, parents, & concerned citizens.

Great for most Uni students & business people.

Sign as an Organisation

Your organisation or Business can sign to show your concern. The organisation or business name will be public.

This is great for Parent groups, Women’s organisations, LGB Rights groups or any group with concerns.

What can this Declaration do?
This Declaration could act as a submission to parliament, an illustration of Australian sentiment to media, or evidence to local, state and federal politicians.

We aim to show politicians, business, and decision makers how Australians feel about the harmful impact of transgender ideology on society.

It also gives those who feel silenced in their ability to speak up on the issue (teachers, doctors ,etc) the chance to have their opinion counted while protecting their identity as a private signatory.