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In early November 2023, James Esses, a psychologist, lawyer and writer from the UK, launched The Declaration of Biological Reality (UK).

In his words, that declaration “…is to demonstrate to those in power the strength of feeling that exists across the United Kingdom in terms of the detrimental impact of gender identity ideology.”

James Esses

I, (Phil Dye, bio HERE), realised that rather than constantly complain about gender ideology, we needed something tangible like this in Australia.

As a past Educator is the School of Medical Sciences at UNSW, I had taught about human biology and the impossibility of ‘changing’ sex. Sure, people can cosmetically appear like their opposite sex, but I’d occasionally quote author and Heritage Foundation Research Fellow Ryan Anderson…

“Sex change is physically impossible, psychosocially unhelpful, and philosophically misguided.”

Via Twitter (X) I asked my followers if they thought an Australian version would work. Only a few responded, but their positive comments represented an urgency and a desperation to actually get something tangible done that was outside the ‘Twittersphere’.

Some direct messages bemoaned the constant publicity surrounding Pride, Trans Awareness Month and Wear it Purple Day. Messages came from Gay followers wanting to withdraw from the Rainbow Alliance completely. LGB without the T was certainly a thing.

As host of the Marking the Role podcast for teachers, I’d had many teachers telling me that they were forced to teach ideology they didn’t believe in. It’s a reason many teachers are resigning.

I messaged James about an Australian Declaration and he was thrilled. “Every country needs one.” he said.

Phil Dye

I’ve launched and been involved with many community initiatives. In my 30’s I founded 2UUU-FM Community Radio on the south coast of NSW. That took six years and many tears to get licenced.

In my 40’s & 50’s I was active in Voluntary Euthanasia, disability advocacy, men’s depression and organ donation. Now nearing 70, I’m over the emotional turmoil and difficulties that arise with community initiatives. Sometimes it’s better to ‘just do it’.

Following on from James’ initiative, I decided to get the Australian Declaration up and running before Christmas 2023. My hope is that the Declaration reaches 10,000 signatures before the end of 2024. Please share the link and don’t forget to sign.

Phil Dye: November 2023